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Hot Tubs. To have or not to have, that’s the question. At least, that is what Shakespeare would have said. I recall hearing a story about New York City Wildlife Removal¬†who did not bath for two decades. He used powder and cologne instead. Yuck! He must have been like a chain smoker that uses a huge amount of cologne to attempt and cover up the ashtray odor that follows them everywhere. For the record, that does not work.

They was a guilty pleasure reserved only for the wealthy or well-off, but you see them in an increasing number of backyards and decks. You know, I have always wondered if it’s some special meaning… but I digress.

You just can not keep up. How do they survive? Fantastic question. It appears every small town has at least one of these.

If you get a spa apparently you’ve arrived. Where? I am not sure. It is a sign that you have some expendable money or a great deal of plastic. I hope you’re in the first class.

We did a very dumb thing and purchased a pool on the visa. The pool seemed like a fantastic bargain for $3500. But as soon as you calculate the interest during the next five years it took to pay off it, the wonderful deal turned into a good deal more. If you purchase something on credit, a great guideline is to add 2 zeros at the end and that will provide you the true price after interest.

The distinction between a hot tub, and other status items around your home, is the cost does not stop with the setup. It only starts there. Now you will need to acquire enough chemicals to neutralize a small sea.

But the huge elephant in the room that most individuals do not see coming is the power bill. Imagine the shock and amazement of a $500 monthly electricity bill. Ouch! You would almost think there was a mill running on your rear deck somewhere. When you receive a personalized Christmas card by the energy company, you are aware that you might be in trouble. At $250-300 additional per month, I wish to see my neighbor’s lights flicker once I turn the beast on. At $250-300 a month, you will be paying for the spa in no time… twice.

So if you’re considering getting a new toy, I’d suggest passing on the spa. For the same cost, you could purchase a new car. Do not worry, your neighbor will find a spa, and if they go on holiday, just slip over and use theirs instead.

Yes hot tubs are worth it

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